How (not) to lose or forget about your earphones

Avoid losing your headphones

Nothing is more annoying than being sure your headphones are in your backpack, going out and realizing at the middle of a road trip that you won’t be able to listen to your own music and have to settle with your parents looking back to their 80’s favorites.

To avoid leaving your headphones behind, or even losing them you should always have a strategy, here we give you a set of tips to take into consideration when caring for your headphones.

Create a place in your house with all the go-to things

Choose an space in your house where you will put all the things you carry around like your keys, headphones and your wallet; this way every time you come home you will automatically aim for that spot and keep your essentials all together for the hectic mornings.

This means that getting your backpack ready for college or your bag ready for work will only consist in going to that place and loading it; the same is true when you get back home after a long day, you just have to unload everything in the same place.

Have a checklist of all the things you should be bringing along and check it before leaving.

Make an habit of checking it in the morning and triple check for your headphones or earbuds, that way you won’t be able to leave those behind. Maybe this can be too hard for you to do in the morning, so you can always do it the night before and keep the list in your notes app, here we like to recommend Evernote or Google Keep but any note taking app is fine.

TIP: Extra points if you can find a spot close to the entrance so it’s the first thing you see before you want to leave running cause you are in a rush.

Maybe, and notwithstanding all that checking, you manage to leave them behind, for that there is always an extra fool-proof tip.

Always have a backup

Do you know that pair of earbuds that you bought in 2011 and probably only work in one side? Yes, those. Always keep them in your go-to bag so in any I-don’t-want-to-be-here emergency you can get them out and listen to your relaxing music so it can calm down your social anxiety at the gym.

If after all of that you still keep losing your headphones well, here we come to your rescue, check out our Headphones & Earphones section and use discount code ILOSTTHEM during checkout for a 5% off in your next purchase!


We hope this time you will not lose ‘em.

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