Elevate your yoga sessions to a new level

Western music is filled with symbolism and emotions: cupid's arrows, anger, sadness and heartbreaks. It is definitely cathartic, emotive, and filled with information. Its undeniable capacity to communicate, transmit and induce emotional states demonstrates that there is a link between music and your being but, is this fascinating capacity compatible with the practice of yoga?

In this modern world, we are exposed, nonstop, to an overload of information. However, yoga practice looks for freedom from memory and impressions, it's real purpose is to take control over the fluctuations of the mind, however, playing loud pop music during a yoga class will not help in applying your pratyahara, which is the fifth step or limb  and is defined as "the conscious withdrawal of energy from the senses"; especially, when it comes to music containing words. Focusing on the yoga practice can become a challenge, as the lyrics can distract you from what your instructor says, therefore choosing an instrumental songs or lyrics sung in another language can be more helpful to your practice. In short, poor selection can completely disconnect you from your yoga session.

Nonetheless, the great power of music is undebatable, music can also elevate your sessions to a whole new level, if you know the exact music to play and when to play it. In fact, research has shown that there's an specific type of music that can help you focus more than absolute silence. The yoga practice requests a beat you can breathe to, and here are list of songs that will make you want to do backbends or inversions.

  Timelessly Free- Danny Cudd: “The album features sublime hang melodies and rhythm and world instruments such as bansuri, the Indian bamboo flute, Shennai, the snake charmers instrument, amazing percussion and much more” (Yoga Download, 2018).
「Essential Snatam Kaur: Sacred Chants - Snatam Kaur:」の画像検索結果 Essential Snatam Kaur: Sacred Chants - Snatam Kaur: She is an American singer-songwriter who performs Kirtan and Indian Devotional Music.  All of her albums are beautiful and peaceful””. (Vecchione, S)
「“Om Namah Shivaya: Deep Yoga Mantra” from Om Sound Healing Music: Tibetan and Crystal Bowls with Deep Mantras for Yoga by Various Artists」の画像検索結果

 “Om Namah Shivaya: Deep Yoga Mantra” from Om Sound Healing Music: Tibetan and Crystal Bowls with Deep Mantras for Yoga by Various ArtistsIf your mind is everywhere but not in the practice, these songs will introduce you to the peace you so desperately need.

 “Srimati Radharani” from Just One Drop by Radharani: “‘Srimati Radharani’ is a chant that honors and adores the sacred feminine,” says Radharani, a kirtan artist based in New York’s Hudson Valley. Srimati means “the possessor of all abundance, brilliance, and divine effulgence”. Definitely,  a perfect album to empower all of our girls out there.

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