About Us

We are a store specialising in selling mostly wireless audio gear, from wireless headphones to bluetooth Speakers and wireless adapters.

We are committed to selling high quality and affordable wireless audio gear to everyone. Our vision is that audio gear should be an element in the experience building continuum rather than just the object of the discrete listening activity; for this we regard the freedom afforded by wireless essential for the interaction in the intersection between your inner world and your surroundings.


Great audio experiences should be about freedom and enjoyment, and should be available at any price-point without breaking the bank.

We started out as a project by a group of friends in 2017 and opened our web store in 2018 with plans to expand further into the category. Currently we are hard at work to provide our customers a great and ever improving selection of audio products along with our own merch and other things to come.

Our slogan: Supporting the soundtrack of your life since 2017™

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